Is Curry Indian?

 It is quite fascinating how verbal gymnasium can sometimes alter the human understanding of someone else's comprehension. Every cuisine has always seen some changes when it moves from its authentic, self and  Interestingly, Curry is the result of one such change.

Curry is not an authentic Indian dish. In fact, the British must take the entire credit for introducing and coining the word "curry" while trying to recreate the flavours of South Indian dishes in Britain, when they left India. The whole idea of "curry" or ready-made "curry powder" is a British thing. 

is curry indian

In India, people will approach your order with a confused brow, seeking more details when you ask for your favourite "Chicken Curry"-  You just cannot walk-in to any Indian restaurant hoping for a curry. In India curry means a bunch of dark-green leaves called "curry leaves" that are used for seasoning the south-Indian dishes and are way too pungent to be directly consumed, except for safely imparting an earthy aroma when tossed into the hot oil.

After having spent nearly a decade in the UK, I now understand that "curry powder" here simply means a "spice mix" closest to the "garam masala", and the rest of the world has adopted this mix and have made it their own, as there is no fixed recipe for this spice mix either. There are different variations to this mix depending upon the region, palette and the availability of the ingredients.

However, here on L.C when I say curry, it merely means "a dish with gravy".

Is it Just Curry?

Indian cooking is not just limited to making curries.

Although all efforts are made to retain the authenticity of the original recipes, at L.C, we also enjoy a wide array of multi-culture methods with a hint of added Indian taste. These are self-developed, modified, adapted, and the standard versions that work well with my modern kitchen, temperaments, availability of ingredients and sometimes occasions.

At times, it also means to go ahead and cook that meal with some ingredients missing.


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