Indian food is not for faint-hearted. Really?

Indian food is not for the faint-hearted. Really?

The highly concentrated curry houses and the balti houses in the western world have misrepresented Indian cuisine to a great degree.

To my dismay, the purported authentic food served in these houses does not even hold any close resemblance to the food that Indian homes prepare. It is a lot on the denser, creamier and greasier side.

One can enjoy a spot of tranquillity in the Indian curry house, but the food served is far more tailored and tagged as - it's too hot or fiercely spicy or worst not for faint-hearted?

If a cuisine has to be enjoyed for what it is, then making every conscious effort to retain its authenticity is the key. 

One can quickly seek to alter/adapt the spice level to suit one's individual preference and taste without modifying the authenticity and still serve as authentic- this is a misrepresentation. By doing this,  the guests do not get a natural feel of the origins of the dishes.


  1. Food has no culture barriers and hence it is wrong to limit certain taste to a certain population.


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