The Indian Chicken Curry


Cooking food can be incredibly frustrating or satisfying.

The days when I'm frustrated and make that occasional visit to the restaurant, in the hope to alleviate my frustration, I return home not feeling inspired to recreate that recipe. Not because I cant, but simply because I can't say yes to those few cheeky tricks of the trade.

It almost puts me off with the elaborate list of things they add making it appear glitzy and yet dares call it authentic plus the overburdening of the heaviness, the extra creaminess and of course the bill.

On my table today is a fiery but not spicy yet "I-want-more" Chicken Curry, one of the most solicited recipes by many curry lovers and yet one of my most shelved ones for no reason or some reason.

 This recipe is not a family kept secret, and it is not the one with the elaborate/fanciest list of the great ingredients. I call it authentic as I believe when initially people started cooking, they started with essential spices of a dish.

The spices who played their well-orchestrated music together yet keeping their flavours distinct and that's what makes a recipe hit!.

 If passing on a recipe for almost four generations is what makes it authentic, then this is a good signature dish that I have not altered a bit; I have no such future intentions, and I'm so pleased to pass this on through this post.

 I'm sharing a detailed step-by-step recipe so anybody wanting to cook authentic Indian chicken curry is not steered away trying to emulate what the curry houses in general serve, claiming as Indian but far away from what Indian homes cook. Here is the recipe.


Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: about 30-35 mins
Total Time: about 45 mins
Makes: 4 servings

3 tbsp vegetable oil/ghee
1 large onion, divided 1/4th finely chopped and 3/4th diced into big chunks
1 tsp of salt or as needed
800 g boneless chicken cut into bitesize chunks
2” fresh ginger, roughly chopped
7-8 garlic cloves, peeled
4 tbsp of fresh coriander leaves, reserve 1 tbsp for garnishing
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp red chilli powder
1 tsp dry coriander/dhania powder (You can alternate it with garam masala powder too)
450g tomatoes, roughly chopped

Step 1: Bring a heavy-bottomed pan or a Dutch oven with the oil to medium-high heat, add 1/4th of the finely chopped onion and sweat them until brown by adding little salt.

Step 2: Add the chicken chunks and cook until all the juices are evaporated, and the pan goes dry.

This is a non-negotiable step for the best chicken curry. Allowing all the moisture and the juices to dry away helps prepare the chicken to absorb the flavours from the other ingredients. It also ensures that cooked chicken doesn't release a lot of fluid watering down the characteristics of the curry later. Meanwhile, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Prepare Green Masala

In a blender, process the 3/4th onion, ginger, garlic with 3 tbsp of fresh coriander into a thick paste. Sprinkle little water if needed while blending.

Step 4: When the pan has almost gone dry, tip in the prepared green masala and coat the chicken and cook without the lid on for about 5-7 mins.

Step 5:Now, include the dry spices along with the remaining salt and continue cooking with the lid on.

Step 6: Blend the tomatoes to a smooth mixture and transfer them to the pan. Combine everything giving a good stir.

Step 7: Simmer the contents with the lid on for about 10 mins until the sauce thickens slightly.

Step 8: Cook until the chicken looks tender and done.

Serving Suggestions: Garnish the chicken curry with coriander leaves and serve with any flatbread or plain basmati rice and it also perfectly pairs well with some nan bread.

We enjoyed this chicken curry with our homemade Chapati and that's the best classic combination. Totally yum! Try it!



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  1. This chicken curry looks absolutely delicious, thanks for sharing!

  2. Your chicken curry looks incredibly delicious and savoury. I love using tomatoes in curry as well. I also enjoy the usage of red onions. Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe Haseena!

    1. christie, I use a lot of fresh tomatoes in my day to day cooking too.

  3. Really great recipe! I like your tip for Step #2 -- cooking until the pan goes almost dry. I actually usually do this, but it's because I use less oil, typically, when I make a dish like this. In other words, I do it by accident, not by design. And then I always coat the chicken with the major seasonings (the green masala in this case, then the dry spices) and cook for a few minutes. But not as long as you do -- I'll have to try to extend my cooking time (particularly when adding something like your green masala). I'd be tempted to add some cumin to the mix of spices you use, but it looks wonderful just as you've made it. Really wonderful post -- thanks.

    1. John,
      Some accidents are good in cooking. Glad that you have adopted the tip by accident, it makes so much better. You can go ahead adding cumin, but I prefer not to add cumin to the meat dishes as I add coriander powder and Garam masala powder. And cumin would not pair with other seasonings. But it's a personal preference,no harm in trying. Thank you for dropping by and making my day through your comment.

  4. Hiya Hasin! This is none delicious cozy comfort dish. Just crave a good curry when the change of season is upon us. It has been rainy and a little cooler and I cannot think of a better dish than this for dinner. I have all the needed ingredients so this might be dinner tonight. Stay well and take care

    1. I hear you Bam, the curry cravings are kicking in here with a nip in the temperature. Almost feels like summer is gone. Hope you enjoy making this curry. Thanks

  5. I really love how you've made authentic Indian chicken curry so accessible and easy to prepare. This is such a wonderful recipe!

  6. this sounds like a splendid curry hasin. Yum! i do love a chicken curry. thanks for all the process photos too. good work. cheers sherry

  7. I'm glad you included the Indian chicken curry recipe, Hasin.
    Thank you for the recipe.

    I have tasted this Indian chicken curry at a wedding reception for a native Indian who lives in Jakarta. That's program was very lively, full of dance and music performances.

    1. That sounds a treat Himawan! Glad you enjoyed the wedding and the food.

  8. Hello, Hasin! I am so glad to have found your blog. Just love the step by step pictures and tips given in the recipe, so helpful. This chicken curry is seriously delicious , love the beautiful curry color. Like the idea of using boneless bite sized chicken in the curry, easy for kids to eat. My kids love chicken curry , will sure try the recipe. Thank you for the share.

    1. Hi Aarthi, Welcome to Let's Curry! I'm happy to read your comment and yes boneless chicken is child friendly and easy with kids. Hope you get to try making this curry. Thanks for dropping by.

  9. Thank you for sharing all of steps and photos. This look very delicious.

    New Post -

  10. I'm tired of my old recipes, I want new ideas. Your recipe is great. I haven't cooked like that yet. Thanks!

  11. This is such a delicious looking curry, Hasin! I love the ingredients you have used - I bet it smells beautiful as it cooks!

  12. This looks so delicious! The amount of work put into this really paid off, so great job!<3 Curries are scary for me to attempt because of how much work goes into it, haha

    x Natalie
    Lucy and the Runaways - Blog and Instagram

    1. Natalie, if you look at the steps, it's overwhelming as I've explained every step in detail to help others to cook, but actual process is quite straight forward with basic ingredients. Try it and you won't go wrong! Thanks

  13. Hey Hasin, I usually make chicken curry with yogurt or coconut milk. So last night decided to try your chicken curry and it was very tasty. Loved the coating gravy and the dish is so easy to make

    1. Hi Rahul,
      Now that makes my Sunday! Comments like yours keeps me motivated to do more. Thanks for posting your experience Rahul. Will try your variations adding yogurt and coconut milk.

  14. I know exactly what we are having tonight! It is perfect curry weather and this simple recipe is just great for a Monday night after a long day at work. Great to meet you Hasin :)

  15. This is my all-time favourite dish!

  16. Your curry sounds so delicious! Thanks for all your detailed tips! I think I could do this!

  17. Hasin, this curry looks so cozy and satisfying! My family would love it!

  18. I always learn something new when I come to visit your blog, Hasin! I can't wait to try your authentic Chicken Curry. I love that your ingredients are simple and doesn't require something I don't usually have in my pantry or refrigerator. Thank you so much for sharing!

  19. This chicken recipe looks amazing .All we need is some chapatis or rice to go with it :) Wonderful share Hasin!

  20. Indian chicken curry looks very tast, yummy and appetizing.
    In our country, curry is also popular but with an Indonesian flavor. There is another dish that is similar to chicken curry, namely chicken opor dish which must be served during Eid.
    Thank you for the Indian chicken curry recipe
    Have a great day.


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