Mango Mastani


Mastani, a legendary beauty known for her royal affairs and forbidden romance.

This post is about Mango dessert, but the name of it has again caught my attention. Hence it becomes necessary that I say a word or two about Mastani when we speak of this Mango dessert.

The name Mastani dates back to Indian history in the 17th century, but behold, I'm not bringing it all up over and again but just the essentials.

Mastani is the name of legendary beauty and the second wife of Bajirao Peshwa from Pune. These royal couples have managed to etch their love story in Indian history for their mismatched love affair who tasted untimely death and are known for their doomed love story.

Mastani, in particular, has been renowned for her impeccable beauty and for having a luminous face that lit up others when they came in contact with her presence, and tales has it saying she sent her onlookers into trance for a few seconds.

The stories about beauty have been passed on from person to person, and definitely, the storytellers have exaggerated. The myths run so rampantly throughout Indian history that a Bollywood movie named Bajirao Mastani is also made.

Agreed Mastani would have been an iconic beauty of her times. The legend might include an element of truth. Else there wouldn't be a war and a movie. But as they say, Beauty lies in the beholders' eyes. What appears ordinary to someone might become extraordinary to someone else.

But besides the legend, I'm sure Mastani would have never thought of attaching her name for a dessert in the 21st century. So, hats off to the clever man or women who came up with this idea of associating Mango with Mastani. This post is not of few words. Apologies!

Back to Mango Mastani. If you love mangoes, then you must try Alphonso. Only Alphonso variety, in my humble opinion, can justify this dessert and that way, we have a chance to stand right for borrowing the royal name for making this dessert so famous worldwide.

Mango Mastani makes a perfect summer dessert. It is denser than a Mango milkshake but far lighter than a smoothie. It would be best if you had a spoon and not a straw to devour this. It's not authentic, but I think Mastani would have never heard of Vanilla Ice-cream in the 17th Century, So going by what she could approve today in the 21st century, I'm sticking with my just 5 ingredients, and that makes it MY classic. Here is the recipe.

mango dessert

Preparation Time: 5min
PASSIVE Time: 10 min
Total Time: 15 min
Serves: 2

For Mango Mastani
2 cups chilled, fresh alphonso mango, diced, or you can use tinned mango pulp/slices
2 tbsp chilled milk, you can sub it with  plant-based milk for vegan, but use only chilled
1 tsp sugar (optional, but recommended)
1 cardamom pod, crushed into powder or use cardamom powder 2 generous pinch

For Garnishing/ Sprinkling
2 tbsp mixed nuts or seeds, finely chopped
2 tbsp sliced mango or dried rose petals


1) Blend all the ingredients under mastani into a smoothie.

2) Divide the Mango Mastani into serving bowls.

3) Chill the bowls into the fridge for 8-10 min.

4) Garnish with the chopped nuts or seeds and serve with fresh cubes of mango slices.


1) I usually prefer less sugar as Alphonso are naturally sweeter than any other variety. But if you are using any other type, please ensure they are fully ripened and adjust the sugar accordingly.

2) If using the tin mango, usually they have sugar. So better to avoid adding any extra sugar unless desired.

3)You can use any milk but preferably use only chilled.

4) Adding dry fruits gives a nutty enhancement to the dessert, but going generously might tamper with the exotic taste of mangoes. But it is personal preference again.

5) Keeping the serving bowls in the fridge before starting the preparation can lessen the waiting time.

  • On a hot summer day, scoop your favourite ice cream on top of Mango Mastani and enjoy



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  1. Looks so delicious! perfect for the summer:)

  2. This looks SO fresh and flavorful... what a great recipe!! Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks for your support Heidi, hope you enjoy making it too.

  3. So creamy and yummy...a wonderful summer dessert!

  4. This was such a great post, Hasin! I love anything with mango so I can't wait to try it and I loved hearing about the legend of Mastani too. Can't wait to try this - thank you for the recipe! Hugs, CoCo

  5. What a decadent dessert, I always crave anything with mango! That's such an interesting backstory, too - thanks for sharing that.

  6. Hi there Hasin! Your mango mastani looks so delicious. We love mangoes and can't get enough of them during the mango season. However, wanted to let you know that when I am viewing your posts in chrome all of your other posts are overlaying on top of your recipe and I cannot read your posts. You may want to take a look at this technical issue. Take Care and stay well.

    1. Hello Bam, yes we are a great mango loving family too. I'm sorry you are having trouble viewing my posts and thanks for flagging the issue. Will take a look at it. Thanks for your visit and comment.

  7. Perfect recipe for summer. Thank you :)

    1. I agree. Hope you try it too. Stay well and safe.


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