Kokum Sharbat


Kokum, nature's refrigerant, has amazing cooling effects on the body, especially during the sweltering heat. Now is that time of the year to splurge on it, allowing an avalanche of flavours to go down your taste buds. It is sour!

If I have to choose any one drink after water, it has to be The Kokum Sharbat.

Kokum Sharbat is a diluted Squash made from the concentrated fruit extract of Kokum rind after reducing it to a thick syrup.

Kokum, known as Garcinia Indica, is used for various health and medicinal benefits and a known cosmetic benefit comes from kokum butter which is an emollient used for skin health.

If you are interested and have read this post so far, you might as well read more about kokum here.

If you are following me for some time, then you know I appreciate the time well spent to fetch quality results in the kitchen. I aim to adhere to the correct cooking methods as much as possible.

To make this recipe, find good quality kokum from any Asian shop or buy them on Amazon or find them here if you are in the UK. Here is the recipe.


kokum sharbat
Preparation time:10 mins
Passive time(soaking and cooling): 2 hrs
Cooking time:20 mins
Total time:2.30 hrs
Makes: 12 servings

15-20 dry kokum rinds
4 cups of water
1 tsp roasted cumin seed powder
1/2 tsp black salt or pink salt
Other Essentials
a strainer
a sterilised glass bowl
a sterilised glass jar with an airtight lid

1) Rinse the kokum rinds and soak them in 4 cups of water in a saucepan for at least 2 hours. Overnight is better.

2) Bring the saucepan to a boil on low heat and cook the kokum until bubbling hot for about 5 min until a thick scum layer forms on the top.

3) Discard the scum and continue to cook on high heat until the kokum water reduces to half for another 5 min.

4) Allow the kokum rinds and the water to cool completely.

5) Blend the kokum along with the water in a food processor.

6) Using a strainer, separate the pulp and extract the juice concentrate into a glass bowl.

7) Now add 1 tsp of roasted cumin powder, 1/2 tsp rock salt or Himalayan salt to the kokum concentrate and mix well. Discard the pulp.

8) Store the mixture in a sterilised glass jar with an airtight lid in the refrigerator.


1) Salt acts as a natural preservative and this kokum concentrate can be kept in the fridge for summer months to last and can be used as needed.

2) I prefer to freeze them into ice cubes along with some finely chopped mint leaves and use 2-3 cubes per glass and make a lovely refreshing kokum squash.


1) To make 1 glass of kokum sharbat, add 4 tbsp of Kokum concentrate into 1 glass of cold water, add sugar or honey or any sweetener of your choice and serve chilled.

2) You can use them into friendly mojitos, sprinkle a dash on yoghurt dips or add into your savoury salad bowls, drop them into your favourite lemonades or even better, turn them into popsicles. Try!



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  1. What an exotic and wonderful summer cooler! I really love that bright red colour...so gorgeous!

  2. You always introduce me to things I've never even heard of, Hasin! This drink looks amazing and sounds so refreshing too. I can't wait to try this recipe. Thank you! Hope you're having a great week, CoCo

    1. CoCo, you teach me so much and the admiration is mutual. Hope you give a try!

  3. Love the color of this. Have never had korkum -- I've been missing out!

    1. It is known as Garcinia Indica, you might have seen these supplements for health benefits.

  4. Hasin, thanks so much for introducing us to this new cooling spice. I bet this sour and delicious flavor really hits the spot in the summer months. We have not seen this before but will have to keep my eyes open for it when we go to the Indian provision store next. Stay cool and take care

    1. The more the sourness, the more is the benefit they say, I hope your indian store has this in stock. It's amazingly cool.

  5. I've never heard of this, but it sounds refreshing! It's a beautiful color too!

    1. I love the colour too Laura, the very sight of it is refreshing.

  6. I have never even heard of this before !! Thank you for sharing all about it, it is so interesting to learn about different foods from around the world!

  7. Wonderful share, would love to try this sometime!

  8. Sound refreshing and healthy, will surely try this. Thanks for sharing.

  9. You've really added some fun flavors to summer with this amazing drink... and I love how you've made this is a no-guilt indulgence!

  10. This looks so refreshing! I love how colourful it is and what a great idea to freeze it as ice cubes!
    Julia x


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