Beetroot Raita

Let's Beet the Heat!

To my personal opinion, what is Tzatziki to Greece is what Raita is to India. Raita is a creamy, light Indian dip made with yogurt and cucumber. It makes a perfect, humble side dish to any Indian spicy meal to beat the heat and balance with easy flavours.

It can be served as a dip with a range of flatbreads, crusty snacks like pakoras, samosas, bruschettas and in most of the Indian homes, a good, thick raita replaces tomato ketchup.

I particularly like incorporating different salad vegetables into making yogurt dips like mint, coriander, tomato, spinach and this time it is Beetroot; less for health reasons and more for its mesmerising natural colour. Agree?

Beetroots are delicious raw but need some time and persistence to flatter the palette on their own, but once added along with other ingredients, they impart brilliance and health. They lift up every dull-looking dish through their luscious hue of red, pink and earthy tones.

Although cooked beetroots are more palatable, I prefer to use the raw beetroot in this version of raita. A little goes a long way in achieving the benefit of pleasing taste and controlling the final look of the dish in terms of colour. Here is our recipe.

Beetroot Raita

Preparation time: 10 mins
Making time: 5 mins
Total time: 15 mins
Serves: 4

1/2 beetroot, thinly sliced
1 cup thick yogurt, sub it with vegan yogurt for a vegan raita
1/2 cucumber, grated and liquids removed
1/2 tsp white pepper powder
1/4 tsp cumin seed powder, roasted (optional but highly recommended)
For Garnishing- few mint leaves or coriander leaves or both finely chopped

1) Wash and peel the beetroot and chop half the beetroot into thin slices.

2) Put the beetroot into a food processing jar along with little water just enough to turn it into a smooth paste. Blend.

3) Chop the cucumber, grate and extract the cucumber juice from the grated cucumber. Discard the juice or use it appropriately into making sauces or kneading dough.

4) Take the yogurt into a bowl and using a wooden spoon or a whisk, beat the yogurt it into a smooth paste. Add beetroot paste one spoon at a time into the yogurt until the desired colour is achieved.

5) Stir salt, pepper, cumin powder into the cucumber and mix them all together.

6) Add the cucumber into the centre of the beetroot yogurt just before serving the raita.

Serving Variations: This raita is best served chilled with some Indian Pulao rice, flatbreads or with some spicy kebabs.



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  1. I am a beetroot girl...gosh..that purple colour looks really stunning and I bet it tastes marvelous too.

  2. Hasin, this is gorgeous! I love that color and raita in general is delish -- like you said, the perfect way to "beet" the heat! yumm!

  3. Hasin, other refrigerator pickled beets, we have not tried them raw before. Now, we can't wait to try this recipe. Just look at that gorgeous pink color. Stunning. Fresh and delicious and a great way to balance the heat in a spicy dish. Your photos are beautiful. Nice post!

  4. Wow, this is so, so beautiful! It's the perfect time to use those seasonal beets around here. Coincidentally, I'll be picking some from my garden tomorrow, so I might try this!

  5. Khadeejasfoodstories1 August 2020 at 06:33

    The color looks so pretty and definitely it would have been great

  6. Wow, this beetroot raita looks so vibrant and delicious! I love how versatile it is, and how it can be used on so many different dishes. I might just have to give it a try!

  7. I was surprised by how similar Raita is to Tzatziki sauce. But your Raita is certainly a lot more colorful and vibrant than Tzatziki sauce!

  8. This looks incredible and I really love the colour!
    Julia x

  9. This look very delicious and color is amazing. Never before I didn't saw such an intensive color. Thank you for recipe.

    New Post -

  10. I can only imagine how wonderful your raita tastes. It looks so pretty . I've been craving beets lately and would love this.

  11. Amazing ! Pinned to Healthy Food Group ! :-)

  12. The color is so beautiful here. beetroot raita sounds so delicious.

  13. Really looks fresh and yummy.
    Really healthy food

  14. Raita is so indispensable when eating curries, isn't it? I love this version. the colour is wonderful.

  15. What a gorgeous photo, Hasin! That color is so striking. We've made raita here on occasion, but I've never used beets...I'm intrigued! I bet this tastes delicious. Thanks so much for sharing this fun idea!


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