Handful Beet Salad


I usually resort to making simple salad recipes on the day when the sun is high, and my spirits are low to enter the kitchen.

I have no set measurements for this salad bowl. Hence I call this a Handful Beet Salad to beat the heat.

I wrote about what my daughter asked me when I was making this salad on Instagram and not surprisingly this is what others commented about this fantastic salad bowl-

What a delicious and vibrant beetroot salad bowl!
Look at all the healthy ingredients!
Oh, it all looks delicious.
Such a gorgeous salad!
I love all of the nutrients in here.
That is so colourful!
Beetroot makes it all come alive!
Beetroot takes over everything.
Glorious bowl, refreshing,protein-rich and many more.

With so many exclamation marks coming from my Instagram friends, it is only fair I take you straight to the recipe.

I have used homemade mung sprouts that are uncooked and have included toasted cheese to make it as a filling brunch. It is easy to customise with whatever ingredients you have on your hand- boiled eggs, potatoes, chicken, feta cheese, tofu, paneer, chickpeas and even leftovers.

Here is the recipe.


Preparation time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 10 mins
Total time: 20mins

A handful of grated beetroot
A handful of mung sprouts
A handful of frozen vegetables
A handful of toasted cheese
A handful of coriander/cilantro, chopped
A dash of zaatar seasonings
A sprinkle of any combination of seeds-sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, peanuts
A splash of some salt, lemon, vinegar

Put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix together.


1)I always add some toasted peanuts and some seeds to add some crunch, but it is optional.

2) You can add chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, sweetcorn, peppers, mangoes, berries etc. the choice is endless.

3) Get your children to customise their own salad bowl.

4) Adding granola to salads is another suggestion by a lovely Instagrammer Candra #wifeofagrocer

5) If you don't have zaatar seasonings, use any seasonings that you have or just use plain chilli flakes or pepper and some salt.

6) Don't miss out on using some lemon only because you are using vinegar. It gives an extra punch and helps with digestion as we are using the fresh sprouts that are uncooked, but you can always steam the sprouts if preferred.


I served the salad straight as a brunch with more tomatoes, coriander and some fresh sourdough bread.  Try!



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  1. I always love the glorious purple colour of this humble root vegetable. Your salad looks absolutely delicious and satisfying.

    1. Thanks Angie, hope you get to make this. x

  2. Your Beet Salad looks so beautiful and vibrant. I loved your idea to add some toasted cheese. Yum!

    1. Thanks Heidi, adding cheese made the whole salad bowl a brunch. x

  3. You're creating very beautiful dishes with beets lately! It makes me want to go out and get some beets for myself. Such a gorgeous color and so, so delicious!

    1. Thank you and definitely worth buying that beet now. x

  4. Haha - I love calling this a 'handful' salad. It really is the perfect description! Some recipes are best without measurements, and this is definitely one of them. It's been super hot here lately, and a quick and easy salad would be a great idea for lunches!

  5. This is such a great suggestion! I´ll definately make one inspired in yours. Loved how you´ve included your IG friends´s comments in here. You are so sweet and it makes the post more personal. I see you´ve included mine too. There´s so many wonderful things to be said about beetroot, but that´s what came to my mind at the time! The photos are absolutely spectacular with the vibrant beetroot' s colour! And to think years ago I didn´t like it! Our taste buds change. Your blog is gourgeous!!! Keep up the good work!😍

    1. Such a lovely comment coming from you makes my day. Thanks for taking time to go through the entire post and yes my IG friends and that includes you are just fabulous and you all offer such great support,so I thought it's only best I share the comments coming straight from you all for this gorgeous bowl of salad. You are right,actually every 2 weeks our taste buds regenerate and this time may be worth trying your renewed interest with beetroot. Let me know how it goes,I would be certainly interested to know. Take care. X

  6. This is such a yumm way to have beetroots. You just made me realize that Its been ages since I had beetroots. Surely trying this recipe on weekend.

  7. I love the idea of a handful of this and that, especially when beets are involved! I agree that some crunch is nice, too!!

    1. Thanks Liz, sometimes just eye balling works great instead of fixed measurements. Hope you give a go! X

  8. Loving your measurements. You really can't go wrong with a handful of this and that and being creative with your own individual bowls. Sounds like a fun and delicious salad for these hot and steamy days.

    1. True, I love salad bowls on hot steamy days and just customising with whatever is on hand works pretty good. Hope you try making one. X

  9. This really is such a gorgeous salad! I love how it's packed with so many healthy ingredients!

    1. Thanks Tasia, I love making them with my girls.

  10. I love your easy to make beet salad. It really is a fabulous way to beat the heat, and I love all the yummy flavors you've incorporated!

  11. What a delicious and vibrant salad! There are so many great ingredients in there, and it came together very nicely. Thanks for sharing this!

  12. It looks so colorful as well as delicious! Love the addition of the toasted cheese!
    Julia x

  13. Such a lovely, vibrant and healthy salad! I'm not a huge fan of beets (not sure why) but my husband is, so maybe your delicious looking salad will make me change my tune! P.S. I also love that you use a handful of this and that in your recipe! That's what good ole' fashioned home cooking is all about!

  14. Oh wow this looks so delicious and colorful!!
    I should definitely try the recipe, cause beetroot is so healthy :)

    have a great day,



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