Date Rolls

A classic, no-bake vegan dessert that takes less than six ingredients all in their natural form. Here is an easy date rolls recipe, a nutty, fudgy melt-in-the-mouth treat for every occasion and an affair to remember...

dates roll

No-bake date rolls known for their protein-rich succulence, the most delectable nature's treat for any occasion can make dessert indulgence a guilt-free affair.

A perfect snack-on-the-go for any time of the day enriched with the added goodness of nuts like almonds and pistachios.

If you are a fitness freak, then your strained muscles will thank you for an extra energy boost and some quick recovery. 

They make a great pre-workout snack or a post-workout treat. 

Date rolls are naturally sweetened by the sugars coming from the dates and with no added sugars guilt is kept under check alongside your cholesterol as they do not have any cholesterol.  

They are easy on the hands and on the time and can make great protein-energy balls that can keep you energised for longer and fibre is just a bonus.

There are different ways to make this festive recipe and authenticity is just a fluid terminology when it comes to food. 

They are known with several names like date energy balls, date and nut roll, date salami, khajur ki barfi, khajoor roll, date burfi, date bites, date bars, date protein balls and more.

I have kept things minimal with just a few hands-on pantry ingredients and eating dessert need not be laborious preparation. It's a straightforward recipe with no added fuss.

1) what are date rolls?

Date rolls are a date and nut log made with soft Medjool dates, some chosen nuts like almonds and pistachios tightly compacted with the help of cling film into a log, rolled onto a layer of nut powder and chilled to firmness before you slice.

They are a no-bake dessert roll like a Christmas swiss roll in the making but with no eggs, no flour, no sugar, no gluten making it vegan, healthy, hearty.
2) Are date rolls healthy?

Date rolls can satisfy your sugar cravings naturally and as they pair fantastically with nuts, they can make an energy-rich healthy dessert all in their natural form but the devil lies in the dose.

Date rolls are good for you if you are being mindful of how you prepare them by adding just a handful of nuts for that crunch and not overloading the recipe with highly calorie nuts or ingredients, plus how many you consume in a day, at a time counts. 

One or two date rolls at a time are not capable of causing a spike in your blood sugar.

Dates are whole foods, whole fruits with natural but simple sugars that the body can metabolise without causing a sugar crash.

Dates are known as superfoods for a reason. They contain vital nutrients. They are low in their glycemic value as their fibre content is high making a suitable snack up to three dates in a day even with diabetics safely.

3) How to make Indian style date rolls?

That one ingredient that can turn the normal date roll into a desi style of date roll is by adding cardamom powder to the recipe. Just add a 1/4th tsp of dry cardamom powder and the magic happens.

4) How to store date rolls? Can you freeze date rolls?

These date rolls keep well in the fridge in an airtight container for several weeks.

They can be kept in the freezer for up 2-3 months as they are a no-bake recipe and Medjool dates have low water content and their high sugar content makes them ideal candidates for freezing longer.

5) How to make date rolls without coconut?

Some like to coat the date rolls with dry or desiccated coconut to retain their texture and to avoid them from sticking to their fingers. 

But, one can replace coconut with any nut powder instead, like in this recipe pistachio powder is used to coat the date rolls instead of coconut powder.


Preparation time: 1.30 mins 
Cooking time: 15 mins
Total time: 1.45 mins
Makes:10-15 BITES

2 cups soft Medjool dates, pitted and chopped roughly
1/2 cup almonds, roughly chopped 
1/2 cup pistachios, roughly chopped
1/4th tsp cardamom powder
2 tbsp melted ghee or coconut oil
1/2 tsp Himalayan salt

1) Sieve the chopped nuts onto a plate to collect the nut powder for later use to roll the date rolls or you can process some nuts into a food processor and keep the nut powder aside.

2) In a heavy bottom pan, melt the ghee or oil and add the nuts and toast them until slightly fragrant.

3) Then include the salt and the cardamom powder into the pan and stir in the dates turning off the heat. 

Combine all the ingredients to ensure the dates are integrated well with the nuts forming a single lump of all the ingredients.

4) On a cling film, put this date mixture and roll it into a log shape and cut them into 2 long pieces.

5) Cover these date logs with the nut powder from step 1 and roll them lightly to ensure the date rolls don't stick your fingers.

6) wrap the date rolls onto the cling film and leave them in the fridge for an hour before slicing.


1) This no-bake recipe calls for Medjool dates.

2) If the dates are not soft, then soak the dates in warm water for 10 mins and drain the water before using them in the recipe.

3) If the dates are way too soft and mushy, then adding some crushed biscuits or oats mixture can lift the mixture to retain the shape.

4) You can add a variety of nuts and seeds to make it more rich and festive but keep in mind the calorific value.

5) These date rolls can be made ahead and can stay fresh and keep well for 2-3 days at room temperature if water is not added to the recipe.

6) They can stay in the fridge for up to a month in an airtight container.

7) If cardamom is not your flavouring spice, you can add vanilla or cinnamon.

8) If you prefer not to use the nut powder or the coconut powder, you can use sesame seeds or poppy seeds to roll them too.

Serving Suggestions:

We enjoy these date rolls as a festive dessert and sometimes in the winter to keep the body warm naturally. They make a great gift to your close friends and family.

You can serve them on an empty stomach as a pre-workout snack and they make a suitable lunch-box accompaniment for the sweet tooth. Try it!



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  1. wow These are some amazing desserts! I love all the nuts and dates!

  2. These sound delicious as well as healthy! Thanks for sharing the recipe!
    Julia x

  3. These sound amazing, and a great healthy snack! Thank you for the recipe!
    Julia x

  4. My grandmother use to make something similar at Christmas. Your recipe sounds like a good one with the added cardamom to try.

  5. My grandmother use to make something similar at Christmas. Your recipe sounds like a good one with the added cardamom to try.

  6. My grandmother use to make something similar at Christmas. Your recipe sounds like a good one with the added cardamom to try.

  7. Perfect after swimming snack ! So healthy !!!!!

  8. this sounds great Hasin. love the nuts.

  9. This is the perfect no bake dessert for a hot summer day. The almonds and pistachios complement the dates so tastily!

  10. I love dates. Will always buy to enjoy during the Muslim fasting month - we get a lot around that time. I wish I could try this - bet it tastes just as awesome!

  11. These date rolls reminds me my mother's date rolls :) my favourite...

  12. I love date rolls. I've never seen a recipe for on until now!

  13. We love date rolls and dusting them in nut powder is brilliant so they do not stick to your fingers. Perfect after school snack too. Stay well and take care


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