(Allow me to introduce myself)

My name is Hasin, a certified Mindful Nutritionist and a Health Coach.

I live in the UK with my husband and two little young women who run my world and keep me well-nourished.

To me, Food is a SERIOUS BUSINESS.

About "Let's Curry"

I started this blog to promote the joy of eating simple, nutritious, home-cooked food made with natural ingredients.

I aim to use this space to educate women to readdress and assess their relationship with food.

I share my nutrition knowledge, recipes and a little story-telling.

 I am passionate about bridging the gap between our everyday food and the mainstream nutrition guidelines.

Also, bursting misconceptions that revolve around Indian Cooking is my particular interest and business too.

I believe in a simple philosophy about health, focusing on nutrition and not on avoiding the disease.

Let's eat like our grandparents ate- a balanced mix of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in moderation.

I don't do diets! This is a diet-free blog.

So, Yes to millets, lentils, whole grains and ghee.

 "Eat to nourish your whole self."

If one believes that nourishing a family's health is an uncompromising priority, preparing meals with natural ingredients will be more of a joy and less of a chore.

Born and raised in India, there was never a shortage of social gatherings and, food has always been a more substantial part of my growing up heritage.

After relocating to the UK in 2010, during my unsettling moments replicating home-cooked food offered me comfort and got me into believing in the existence of soul-satisfying food.

Through Let's Curry, partly I'm trying to help others to love to enjoy eating real food made with natural ingredients.

The recipes are generally nutritious and are made mindfully with everyday ingredients.

They are relatively gluten-free, primarily vegan/ vegetarian and occasionally non-vegetarian; my family has varying dietary needs, and we respect that.

This blog hosts easy breakfast recipes, simple meals, do-able dinners and guilt-free desserts made with natural ingredients and aimed at well-balanced nutrition.

While it's good to be mindful, obsession can be counter-productive.

 We don't believe in counting calories or avoiding cravings.

But, we exercise insightful eating allowing the body to lead. 

What's in the name?

A healthy body starts in the kitchen.

Indian cooking is not all spicy and hot, and it is a misunderstood cuisine, and every recipe does not contain curry powder.

After relocating to the UK, I have come across many curry lovers engaging in the famous "curry conversations" with me like - "Is it curry today?", "Are you making curry?" "I love curry!" and many more curry-hankerings and hence the name-"Let's Curry."

A little more about me

I'm a former Microsoft Certified Professional and have my share of qualifications from both India and the UK.

I have graduated with a Bachelor's in Science and have Masters in I.T.

Despite trying my hand at a series of different careers in the UK, I always lacked something.

My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, and that lead me to have some courage and clarity.

I have always practised good eating habits and have emphasised home-cooked food.

But, after seeing my mum go through frustrations because of the disdain approach of medical professionals taking her food while on chemo, I knew I had to take up nutrition seriously.

I joined the Nutrition School in 2019.

I now work from home, earning my modest disposable income as a Nutrition Coach and I have finally found my missing abode.

When I'm not cooking, I'm planning my next meal!

I spend time with my children. 

I love reading, crocheting, travelling, sometimes fixing things up around the house and trying my green thumb too with success.

Besides sharing my recipes here in one place, I hope that this blog will rescue my fading memory cells from failing me in my later years to come and help my two little girls avoid making constant calls, asking for their favourite recipes in their grown-up years.

Although cooking is a duty of care, sometimes it can become a task with a forgotten purpose.

But I still think "Anybody can cook", as long as a desire to revive the passion exists!

I genuinely hope this blog adds one more morsel to your cooking experience, and it's more than just Curry. 

Let's celebrate the joy of sharing.

And yes, I'd love to hear from you.

With love and gratitude, always

Is Curry Indian?

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